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Dr. Ryan Kaltio
General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Janice – Treatment Coordinator

Jennifer – Registered Dental

Looking for Professional Teeth Whitening in Richmond BC?

You are in good hands with our Dr. Ryan Kaltio. Our dental clinic is conveniently located at the intersection of Westminster Hwy and Gilbert Road in Richmond BC, right across from Richmond General Hospital. We are less than 30 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver BC.

Call Dr. Ryan Kaltio at 604.270.9988.

Dr. Kaltio provides a wide variety of general and cosmetic dental procedures from simple cleanings, fillings, root canal treatments, and full smile makeovers complete with porcelain veneers. If you would like more information about Dr. Kaltio’s services, just fill in this form, and we’ll contact you shortly to answer all your questions.