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Richmond Night Market Rental Cost

The Richmond Night Market has reopened after the legal disagreements that have been facing it over the last season. The dispute is between the operators as well as the owner of the night market. After the reopening for the third season, it has attracted more than fifty thousand visitors. The Richmond Night market is seasonal. Therefore, it generates revenue worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The market is a major attraction of tourists in the city of Richmond. Richmond’s Night market deals with food booths, show business and retail booths in general.

local dentists enjoying rotato at the nightmarket


The former operator of the Night market at Richmond has infringed the copyrights of Lion’s communication company that is the primary stakeholder in the summer night market. It was the only company that was granted a permit to continue in its operations in the city of Richmond. However, the Richmond Night market has sued the Lions Company, claiming that they should not use their market floors that had been previously established. And also to stop them from using their name. Therefore, the two companies are now appealing to the federal court’s judgment that shall be passed on January.

Raymond Cheung, the operator of the Night market at Richmond was planning to co-work with the Starlight casino in summer. This would bring up to 230 vendors that would work adjacent to the casino. However, the plan failed when both Cheung and Starlight pulled out before the permit was granted.

New Westminster will not get access to the night market during the summer. Beverly Grieve, the manager at New Westminster, says that they had expedited the applications to have access to operate the night market during the summer. She adds that the issues concerned the cost of operation that included a deposit to the police amounting to 180,000 and the bylaw enforcement. Also, Raymond Cheung says that the amount needed by the city to allow the night market in Richmond is $250000 inclusive of the public fee for improvement.

Lui Garcia, the spokesperson to the starlight casino, says that their company pulled out in participating in the Night market because of the cost. He says that the costs keep escalating. Therefore, it didn’t make sense to engage in the market during summer. Moreover, David Lo the markets manager says that, though the market is free for the public to venture into business, it has generated high revenues. In the Summer Night market, the rent cost for booths at Richmond’s ranges $ 5000 to $11000.