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Is Richmond, British Columbia A Good Place To Live?

Are you considering moving to a coastal city? Richmond, BC is the perfect place to run. It is a city located 20 minutes south downtown of Vancouver. It is located on Lulu Island at the mouth of Fraser River; Georgia Strait borders it. The town has the representation of modern Canada, diverse, lively, culture, and opportunity.

Richmond is a hub for recreation, a place where one can have exploration and outdoor activities. It has hosted some events of the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver. It is a traditional coastal highland it is bountiful for summer camps, rich in dynamic flora and fauna.

History and Geography

Richmond is elevated 39 feet and comprises of island networks with the largest and most populated being the Lulu Island where the city lies. The city is home to Vancouver International Airport specifically on the Sea Island. There are additional 15 more islands in this place.

Traditionally, people of this place have been using this place for fishing and gathering berries. The temporary camps that were put in place hare replaced by permanent villages.

The low-lying nature and proximity to the ocean, flooding had been the traditional problem because of the high tide. The flooding also leaves behind the fertile alluvial soil; this gives it the advantage of sustaining agriculture. It was one of the earliest islands that the European settlers started farming. Today the whole Island is protected by dikes to prevent floods.

Geographically, this town is far from the Rocky Mountains; hence its temperature is mild and has a climate that is approximate 30% rain and precipitation than the neighboring cities. Snow comes to about 35 inches every year and the temperatures range between 6-15 degrees Celsius.

Richmond Township was founded by Father John Wesley an Ontarian in 1879. It was incorporated to the city in 1990.

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Arts, Culture, and Heritage

The city is rich in arts and culture, thanks to the revamped arts strategy that has promoted and helped to facilitate growth and opportunity the benefit of the community. The current arts strategy has five central visions of the city that include; promoting Richmond as an arts destination, engagement in strong civic commitment, providing facilities and improving the physical infrastructure, supporting collaboration, education and education. Lastly, build a framework for sustainable economic for arts.

The city has excellent facilities for culture and heritage a branch of library, museum, theaters, and archives. One of the famous theatres is the 540-seat Gateway Theater for performing arts and it overlooks the Minoru Park. It is among the best in Canada. The city Public Arts program, foster the development and inclusion of public skills throughout by placing the arts in common location.

It is also home to two most famous Buddhist temples in North America; International Buddhist temple and the Ling Yen Mountain Temple.

Parks and Recreation

Richmond is home to 145 parks where one can explore and use for cycling and other outdoor activities. Ever neighborhood has open space for recreation purposes. Some of the famous parks to consider when planning a visit include; Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park; it covers 8.14 acres in Steveston village. It offers the view to the historic salmon cannery and enables access to the heritage boardwalk and landmark docks.

    • Minoru Park; it boasts of the basket courts, bowling greens, walking paths, cricket pitch and premier sports facilities for the soccer, baseball and track and field. It also accommodates cultural amenities such as the library, art gallery and many more.
    • Garden City Community Park; this house two unique types of trees; the one that represents the Asian native trees and the other trees with its native to Canada and North America. Other features include; mountain bike terrain park, Skateboard Park and a lake with a complete large bridge.
    • Terra Nova Rural Park and Natural Area; it features nature park in the Thompson area, a perfect place to hank the city atmosphere. Additionally, it is complete with boardwalks, slough and viewing platforms to aid when viewing the wild animals. The Natural Area has perimeter trail and interpretive signs for the native plants that can present in the park.

Festival and Events

There are 60 festival and vents promoted in the Destination BC‘s page for Richmond including the Opera Festivals in the Vancouver; others include; the film festival of Kwantlen Polytechnic which offers 4day cinema and 12 films, the Coastal First Nation Dance festival which is in partnership with the Museum of Anthropology. Finally, the Winterruption festival it is the favorite winter festival of the coast that celebrates the best in music, art, theatre, and food.

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In the early days, salmon fishing and cannery operations were the main economic activities, which later grow to marine-related industries like boat building and waves.

Fishing has led to the culture of food and recreation that has helped to boost the culinary tourism in Richmond; this has also led to the growth over 400 restaurants. Through the business activities, the purchasing power of the people improves and they can afford to have a lavish lifestyle which makes the city lively.

Other sectors that drive the economy include the aviation, light manufacturing, and airport. Agriculture and fishing are the staple economic activities.

The film industry is also a part of the economy, the city and its highlands have been featured in some films and television shows.

Health and Education

Richmond hospital is the only hospital in the city. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority oversees the healthcare. Richmond is the global worldwide headquarters for Canadian Canadian Hemochromatosis Society.

The city is also home to few post-secondary campuses such as Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Sprott Show College. Aerospace technology runs at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

The School District oversees the public school system.


The city is accessible through two highways the highway 99 which connects to the US border and highway 91 relating to the Delta and New Westminster.

Railways are also present in Richmond, and they are the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific Railways that connect many routes to the neighboring town and cities.

The Sea Island is the home to Vancouver International Airport; other planes operate on its south terminal and provide access to the Gulf and Vancouver Islands.

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