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I saw the same dentist for 20 years, so after moving to Richmond I had to find a new dentist. I came across Dr. Kaltio’s website and decided to give it a try.

I can not believe my luck in finding such a friendly and caring dentist. His office staff greeted me with a great smile and was more than helpful in setting up my appointments. Janice and Roshy were great in getting me the necessary appointments on short notice and dealing with my dental insurance. Natalia is such a friendly spirit that I forgot I was in a dental chair being examined as she made me smile and feel welcomed to the new environment.

Jennifer’s humor is great and once again she made me feel at home .

I have had several appointments so far and it feels like I am dropping by for a friendly visit at a friends house rather than a dental office which sometimes can be very intimidating …..

Thank you Dr. Kaltio and staff for welcoming me into your great dental practice. I am glad I won’t have to find another dentist for the next 20-30 years.


Dr.Kaltio is the best dentist in Richmond. He is confident and does have very reassuring demeaner. Ryan makes me feel safe and comfortable. All the work that has been done so far is superb. I can tell that he feels rewarded by helping others. So happy I have found him. I will recommend him to every one I know.  Liora

First, I have to say that the minute you step in Ryan Kaltio’s clinic, you know right away that you will be in good hands.  The staff is amazingly friendly and caring.  As far as his treatments, the results talk for themselves.  My teeth never looked so good. Now that I live in Montreal, I miss my favourite dentist of all time. Best Regards, Marc Samson

I always hated going to the dentist but once I started going to Dr. Kaltio that all changed. His team of dental professionals helped to relax me a lot. They are gentle and caring. I had fillings replaced with the white ones, checkups, fillings, a night guard for teeth grinding and professional teeth whitening. The dental hygienist is always gentle and very detailed. People often tell me I have nice teeth. I think I need to thank him for this. I would recommend him for those looking for the best dentist in Vancouver / Richmond.  Regards, Mike Bunker

Thank you for restoring my faith in dentists and dentistry.  Everyone has been so wonderful.  You have helped me over come one of my fears.  It is teams like yours that make going to the dentist fun and sometimes entertaining.  Keep up the great work.  It will be hard to get rid of me now. Always, Benita C.

I am so thrilled with my new smile that I can’t seem to stop staring at myself!  A big thank you to everyone for being so friendly, professional and capable, so much so that I actually looked forward to each visit.  What a wonderful difference you have made in my life. Regards,  Johanna G.

Thank you so much for going “above and beyond” to make my teeth look so good.  I really appreciate it and won’t ever forget your kindness. Sylvia S.

Thank you so much for your fabulous work and great service. Ron and Angela S.

Over a period of five years, I have had 25 veneers done.  The procedure was for me painless with very little discomfort.  My teeth were a real challenge, crooked, off bite, just plain unsightly.  The result was evenly spaced, straight, natural looking teeth forming a bright smile that I don’t mind sharing.  Thank you Dr. Kaltio for meeting the challenge and doing for me what I always thought was impossible to do. Eva K.

I want to thank Dr. Kaltio for giving me a smile to be proud of.   Before I had this done I would cover my mouth with my hand when I laughed as I was self conscious about how my teeth looked. He is a perfectionist and has done beautiful work on my teeth and smile with special care taken to make sure there was no pain. I would recommend him highly if you are considering having dental work done. Sincerely, Alice G.

I first met Dr. Kaltio several years ago. I was driving in Richmond and had just chipped a tooth. I had not seen a dentist in many years and had no regular dentist. When I drove by the big medical building I decided there must be a dentist in there that would help me. The first few doors I knocked on said “make an appointment!”

He said “I’ll fix your tooth right now for free but you must agree to come back and get proper dental work done.” I agreed, he fixed my tooth and I have been a patient for years and he fixed up all my teeth. He has always been completely professional in explaining what he is doing and treatment options as well as offering price options. His work is virtually painless. Even the bill doesn’t hurt too much. I recommended him to my wife who is nervous about dentists and she is completely relaxed in his hands. Dr. Kaltio is one of the best dentists in Richmond. If you notice on his wall he won a medal graduating at the top of his UBC class. (He may not mention that so I did.) If you need a dentist you will be lucky to become his patient. Peter B.

I am new to town and I took a risk and it paid off enormously. I have seen the kind of enthusiasm, and effort at excellence being given, that would be a benchmark of excellence for any dental Business such as Dr. Kaltio’s. It seems that his drive to excel in school never stopped. He continued to excel in business and there seems so much energy and dedication to do his best and all of his staff are like that. I would give Dr. Kaltio 5 star out of 5 stars for what he and his business and his staff does for dental business. I am looking forward to go back and to go to a place that I know will do the best for my dental needs. Thank You for all your efforts. I appreciate it. Sebastian N.

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